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Dr. Natalie Geary

Dr. Natalie Geary is a Harvard graduate and completed her MD at John Hopkins School of Medicine. She is the author of the best-selling book The Food Cure for Kids and co-author of a new book with Dr. Arthur Agatston The South Beach Diet: Gluten Solution.

Dr. Geary also has extensive training in developing countries and the needs of children, both ongoing and especially in crisis.  Trained in medical anthropology, psychology and pediatric medicine she has devoted her time to the needs of impoverished children both in the USA and abroad. As a member and advisor of many relief organizations, she established a non-profit, mobilepediatric.org as a “clearing house” for donations for children, insuring that the generosity of others gets delivered into the correct hands. The goal is to provide relief and ultimately sustainable support for children in need.

“The story for me is that I have spent years and years as a mother and pediatrician reflecting on the impact of nutrition on children and on this country. It scares and appalls me the level of nutrition-related illness that this country supports, enables and subsequently pays for. Children deserve a better start and parents need to be supported in their efforts to try to give their kids healthy food without making it a full time job. GOOD nutrition does not have to taste bad or be “no fun”. GOOD nutrition is a lifetime commitment that is an investment in your health that must start from the very beginning and be a family commitment. Steve Jobs once said in a meeting “we don’t ship junk” referring to his phones being more expensive then others etc. I believe we don’t SHOP junk when it comes to kids nutrition: eat right, it’s an emergency!”

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Dr. Natalie Geary is a well-respected NYC pediatrician.  She is the founder of such charities as ONCALL4KIDS, Mobilepediatrics.org and sits on the board of CONTAINERS2CLINICS.  She is the former Executive VP of The Diabetes Research Institute Foundation and is currently the Medical Advisor to the Katie Ford Foundation- Freedom for All – fighting against modern day slavery.  Dr. Geary is the author of FOOD CURE for KIDS and co-author of The SOUTH BEACH DIET Gluten Solution with Dr. Agatston.


Dr. Natalie Geary is a board certified pediatrician and Fellow, American Academy of Pediatrics. She sits on the Committees of International Health, Child Abuse and Neglect, and Adolescent Health. She was voted one of the Top Doctors in the US by The US News.

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